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A/N: You're 14 years old here, Tetsuya and the other GoM are in their second year of middle school c:
Enjoy! Oh and even though the text is like "this" They're still talking, I would point it out if it was a thought ^^ 
Please hang out with me for just a little while 
And please listen to this slightly gloomy song 
My reflection in the mirror yesterday  truly resembles myself today
It was sad  it was frustrating  and it was painful 
But no one cared to listen to me 
So my knees were my only friend
My tears falling down drops after drops  have reached someone, somewhere 
"Say, do you know that your heart is only visible to people other than you?"
     The curtains swayed gently as the cold air entered the room through the open window. You stared blankly at the ceiling, which at the moment seemed more interesting than the conversation the doctor and your parents held. It was the same no matter what time of the day they talked. Bills, operation, medicine....those were one of the few repeating topics that were ever present.

    "In the meantime she'll be needing surgery, then rehab before she'll be able to walk again. The first few months are going to be hard, especially for someone so young." You heard the soft scratching of the pen on the doctor's clipboard as he scribbled something onto the piece of paper. 

    "Have a good day." The door screeched as the doctor opened it, before a click echoed in the room as it closed.

    "____, our neighbors are coming to visit you. Be in your best behavior today, understood?" Your mother stood up from her seat before walking to the door, a hand grasping the door knob tightly. You replied with a hum before closing your eyes to sleep, finding no reason to stay awake any longer.

    You woke up an hour later as you heard voices talking and laughing in the background. You opened your eye a glint before turning your head sideways, your eyes meeting with your mother's.

    "Oh, it looks like ____'s awake. I'm going to go get ourselves some food." Your mother made her way to the door before the sound of a chair being pulled back could be heard.

    "Oh, let me come with you. Tetsuya could look after her, we won't be gone for long anyway." You heard your mother giggle a bit before opening the door, letting her and the other person out of the room. Leaving you and 'Tetsuya' alone. 

    "Do you...not remember me?" You turned your head to meet bright blue eyes staring at you, impassive and hazy.

    "I'm" You returned to staring at the white ceiling above. A hum come from the boy.

    "I see..."


    "I miss your smile." You whipped your head around to face him, though his attention had drifted away from you and his eyes now lay on the flowers placed neatly on your bedside table. If the flowers didn't catch his attention he would've been able to see the pained expression on your face.

    "I have to smile..." Another hum filled the air.

    " you want me to teach you how to smile again?" 
Right now, as I'm heading toward tomorrow 
I can hear some familiar voices 
Saying "See you again tomorrow," waving both hands 
And saying "Do your best" to my back 
As I break into a run on the asphalt surface 
I can feel my warm tears soaking into my skin 
So bye-bye  "myself today from once upon a time"
Please hang out with me once again 
Now that I've gotten slightly more positive 
Does my heart look like it's twinkling?
Was it sad?  Was it frustrating?  It was painful, that's for sure 
But please don't say that no one cares to listen to you 
My friend
Your tears falling down drops after drops  have reached me today 
"Come on, it's all right! I'm looking at your heart"
Right now, as you're heading toward tomorrow 
I shouted with a familiar voice 
Saying "See you again tomorrow," waving both my hands 
And saying "Do your best" to your back 
Sending along my twinkling heart 
Which has broken into a run 
So bye-bye  "myself today from once upon a time" 

    "I heard from your mother, you play basketball?" You bit into the apple slice Kuroko had peeled for you as you waited for him to answer. Your first encounter with the Phantom Player of Teiko was a month before. He surprised you at first, suddenly stating that he wanted you to smile, but gradually you warmed up to him. He visited you everyday, talked with you everyday, he showed you another side of yourself that lay forgotten during your stay in the empty hospital room.

    "Yeah, I do." You leaned your back against the stack of pillows behind you as you munched on the apple slice, humming in recognition.

    "I wish I could see you play...but..." You looked at your legs sadly before gazing into his eyes.

    "As you could see...It's quite impossible..." You let out a sigh before finishing the apple.

    "Is that so..."


    "Eh? What's this for?" You gestured to the video camera that rested on your lap. Eyes darting back and forth between the device and your blue haired neighbor. He took a seat next to you, placed his school bag on the floor, and remained silent. Leaving your question unanswered. You sighed before turning the device on and peeked at the recorded videos. 

    "You...recorded your match?" You turned to face him, watching him nod before excitedly playing the video. 

    The smile on your face was faint...barely noticeable....but he knew...and he felt it...slowly...time would heal your scars.
Please hang out with me just a little more 
This time, it's my turn to be of help 
To all the people who have supported me 
When I felt like crying just a little
It was sad  it was frustrating  and it was painful 
But you always looked at me  and listened to me 
So it's my turn this time
    "Tetsuya...are you alright? You seem a bit...down..." You eyed him suspiciously, already missing his voice. He came to your room later than usual, his clothes were drenched and his eyes seemed void. He didn't speak a single word, he just sat next to you and draped a towel lazily over his head, not even bothering to look at you.

    "I...don't even know how to catch your passes anymore..." 

    You looked down at his clenched fists, brows furrowed as his grip grew tighter. 


    "Tetsuya...Tell me...what's wrong?" You placed a hand on his clenched fist, which tensed under your touch.

    "Tell me...You helped me when I was down...This time...I want to be of help to you." The young bluenette didn't respond.

    "You're important to me...A special friend...I want to help you. Please"

As you struggle, unable to swim  in the sea made of your tears falling drops after drops 
I can sing for you  the magic spell  "It's all right," and that will be a lifebuoy for your heart
    "I...don't want to play basketball anymore." Your eyes widened and your mouth parted as the bluenette finally spoke.

    "What do you mean? You've always loved basketball...You used to tell me everything about what happened during your basketball practice. The way you smiled while you were talking...It made me think that maybe I could be happy too. If you're not happy then so am I!" You held his hand tightly, feeling the fresh tears falling on your skin.

    "I don't want to hate basketball...I love it too much...but, how can you love something that destroyed your friends?" He slowly raised his head, eyes shut tightly and tears streaming down his face. You pulled him closer to you, placing his head on the crook of your shoulder as you embraced him, patting his back as his tears wet your shirt.

    "It's fine...I'm here for you...Honestly I don't know how to comfort you...I never had friends before...But for you I'll do my best...I'll do whatever I could to bring back the old Tetsuya I know. Tears aren't a sign of weakness...remember that. So, if ever you need a shoulder to cry on...Don't forget I'm always here...I'll be here for you the same way you were for me..."
Right now, I'm heading toward tomorrow with you 
Hand in hand, toward tomorrow 
As I listen to the many voices 
I've held close to my back 
We start crying  at the same time 
Showing each other  our warmhearted smile 
So bye-bye  "myself today from once upon a time"

    "I'm sorry...about your shirt, _____-san." He ran a hand through his hair sheepishly, cheeks flush red as he avoided your gaze.

    "It's fine...Tetsuya." You held his hand tightly in your own, using your own thumb to run over his tear-stricken face.

    "You should smile more today...It's your birthday isn't it?" His eyes went wide as he heard the a faint rustling. He brought his head up and stared at the wrapped present in front of him. A smile on your face as you saw a single tear run down his face as he muttered his thanks.

    "Happy Birthday, Tetsuya." 

Extended Ending...

    "I've been wondering...why do you always have that necklace around your neck everyday? You don't seem like the type to actually wear accessories." Kagami eyed the bluenette curiously as he bit into his burger. Tetsuya reached inside his shirt and brought out a ring and a small basketball charm. He smiled as he ran his thumb across the engravings on the ring.

    "Someone special gave it to me when I thought the world around me had already crashed..." Kagami stared at Tetsuya incredulously as though he thought he was making it up. 

    Smile for me. His face lit up as he read it again, he hid the necklace again before standing up. Saying his goodbye to Kagami before leaving the fast food chain.


    The door creaked slightly, making you turn your attention away from the book you were reading.

    "I thought you already forgot about me, Tetsuya." You giggled as you saw him look at you with his brows furrowed.

    "There's no way I'll be able to forget. ____." He shut the door before walking over to you, the same old routine he had started during middle school.

    "How was practice today?" A smile tugged at his lips as he opened his mouth to speak.



I hope you guys liked this, I'm not sure if he came out well since I haven't written that much about him...Oh and please do take in mind that this is a songfic. It's a vocaloid song called "Mukashi Mukashi no Kyou no Boku" Or "Myself from Once Upon A Time"

I do not own you, the song, the image or any of the characters of KnB.

Next Reader Insert Project:
Akashi x Reader

Next Request(Yet to be fulfilled):
Aomine x Reader
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