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   "Aren't you afraid of me?" You turned to face the young Gaara, a smile evident on your face as you noticed the faint blush of pink that dusted his cheeks as you clung onto his arm. Cheek rubbing against his arm as you giggled.

    "Why should I be? I don't see you as the demon they sealed within you. I find it people judge you just because of that thing inside you...You're actually a big softie deep inside! I'm glad I met you when I got lost in that forest!" The next moment was dipped in silence, as if the both of you were unsure of what to say. 

    "T-Thank you...for being my friend..." You laughed lightly as you heard him stutter.

    "You don't have to thank me for that! I'll be here for you forever! I promise! Even if all the odds are against us I'd definitely do my best! There's just no way that I could leave you alone again!" 

    Then why...Why are you fading away?

    The rain beat down on both of your tear-stricken faces. Bright red staining both of your clothes as the young kazekage brought your form closer to his. A hand running through your _h/c_ locks.

    "Gaara..." You raised your hand weakly and placed a hand on his cheek, running a thumb across his face in an attempt to calm him.

    "I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." His hand tugged at your blood smeared tresses lightly. You smiled at him painfully, tears falling down on both of your faces. He mumbled his apologies again and again, all the while holding your tightly. Believing that if he did that, you wouldn't leave and stay with him just like you promised. But then again...

Not all wishes come true...

    "You don't have to apologize for anything, Gaara...You did your best to protect protect us...T-That enough...I wish I could have...had more time with you...I'm sorry...for not keeping my end of the promise. Next time...Next time for sure...we'll meet again...I just know it..." You winced when you took a deep shaky breath, before leaning in and pressed your lips against his softly.

    "I love you, Gaara...Take care of Sayuri for me, okay?" You smiled before slowly closing your eyes, tears still streaming down your face as he held onto your hand tightly. His voice droned in the darkness as your lids closed shut. 

    Gaara's cries soon hushed as he cradled your lifeless form in his arms. Trying to protect what was once his for the last time. Temari and Kankuro had their heads down as they watched the sand whirl around the couple.

    You told me that red suited me...but the thought that it'd be your red on me never really came to mind...

    "Hey Gaara...Is Red your favorite color?" You turned to face him when you heard him sigh.

    "Just because my hair is red doesn't mean it's my favorite color you know." You laughed before turning around to face him, walking backwards as you did so.

    "But I think it suits you well. Even your cheeks are red!" You pointed at his face and giggled lightly as he turned away.

    "You're blushing aren't you?" You decided to play with him for a bit, seeing as such a chance rarely happens.

    "I-I am not..."

    "Yes you are."

    "Please just...shut up..."

    "Embarrassed, Gaara?" You raised a brow at him before taking a step to the side to dodge his sand.

    "I'll take that as a yes!"


    Gaara dragged his feet along the village dirt roads, accompanied by his siblings who watched him with worry in their eyes. 

    "I'm fine on my own past this don't have to look after me." Temari and Kankuro nodded reluctantly before turning their heel and immediately sprinted to their own homes. Gaara turned the knob, allowing himself inside.

    "Daddy!" He turned his head to the sound of his daughter's voice, a small smile on his face as he picked her up and carried her in his arms. Sayuri had inherited his red hair, but her _e/c_ eyes and personality mirrored yours perfectly, sadness filled the kazekage's heart once again.

    " alright?" Sayuri poked at her father's cheek playfully, demanding an answer from said red-head.

    "I'm fine...Daddy's just tired okay?" Gaara placed a peck on her cheek before putting her back on her feet. He gently ruffled her hair before walking up the stairs of his home. Just as he was about to reach his room he heard Sayuri's voice calling out to him.

    "Daddy...Where's Mommy?" Gaara took a shaky breath before replying.

    "She's...somewhere up in the sky...She's watching over us...I'm sure she is..." A few stray tears fell from his eyes as he opened the door and entered without saying another word. He sank to his knees, quietly sobbing while gripping the sleeves of his shirt.

    We were already having our happy did you have to leave? Do you remember the day we were finally able to take Sayuri out? Do your remember the days when we'd walk around the village and you'd greet almost everyone that went by? I wanted things to stay the way they are...but why...why did you have to go? 


    "Did you know what your mother was like?" Temari knelt down to Sayuri's level, a sad smile on her face as she saw the child nod happily. Gaara stopped in his tracks the moment he heard his sister's question, immediately turning his hands into fists.

    "I don't really have clear memories of her...but people say I look more like my mom. They said she was kind...sweet and more importantly, the person that Daddy fell in love with. Right? Aunt Temari!" Gaara turned his heel, mumbling your name as he entered his office, closely listening to his daughter's laughter coming from the hallways.

    "Somewhere out're smiling right now right...I'd like to believe that you're just beside me...telling me that things are going to be alright...but I know that wherever you are right now...You're doing a whole lot better..."

Extended Ending:

    As you took your usual route home from school, you watched the soft pink petals of the cherry blossoms fall freely, a smile on your face as you hummed a certain tune. You shifted your book bag to your other shoulder before making your way down the road.

    "Oi, Gaara, I am personally inviting you to a challenge."

    "Maybe next time, Uchiha." You turned your head at the sound of the voice, eyes locking with wide olive green.

    "I told you...we'd meet again someday right?"
This one is for :iconmythousandwords: 

I hope you like it! :D

I do not own the you, the image or any of the characters of Naruto.

~Next RQ~
Rivaille x Reader x Armin
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